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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow join Jimmy Kimmel for a mini Friends reunion skit

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Yes, cable. We have 22 episodes every f**king year!

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Aaron Paul ‘outstanding supporting actor in a drama series

Anna Gunn ‘outstanding supporting actress in a drama series

Bryan Cranston ‘outstanding lead actor in a drama series

(BREAKING BAD) || 66th Primetime Emmy Awards

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"You will literally not believe how it ends. When you see it, just remember me saying, I can’t believe that I did that. Like, I never thought I could do that. And I did it." — Megan Mullally’s vague but exciting comment about Parks and Rec’s ending (via unapologeticenthusiasm)

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Amy Poehler backstage at the 2014 Emmys

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Helena Bonham Carter does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



Favorite couple: Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman

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Tina Fey(daughter Alice Richmond) does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

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Megan Mullally and Natalie Morales returning for final season of ‘Parks and Recreation’ | EW.com 

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